Meet the Alpacas

The Alpaca Family

Our five alpacas arrived in the summer of 2021.
They are currently expecting, so by this time next year, there will be some new faces! 


An inquisitive alpaca who enjoys learning new things and meeting new people, especially if they have food to offer.


She definitely likes to make her presence known. With her signature puff of hair, ask before you pet, because she likes to spit!

Brisa (aka Alpaca Jane)

If you want to channel your inner peace, Brisa is your girl. Cool, calm, and collected, look for her signature brown spot.


A true sweetheart, you will certainly want bring her home with you after your visit!


Take a break and enjoy the breeze with this light-brown beauty who enjoys afternoon naps.


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For more pictures and videos of the alpacas and their friends, 
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Want to sponsor an alpaca?

You can sponsor one of the alpacas and receive personalized photos and updates throughout the year! Better yet, you’ll be able to come meet your alpaca here on the farm. 

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